Be part of the fashion revolution

We need to start educating ourselves; buying local and less; buying used and upcycled; and buying from independent ethical fashion brands that are the main driver of an agenda for a responsible fashion industry. Because the clothing industry is still the second-largest polluter in the world and it is at the heart of the struggle for human rights.

EVR tries to make a difference by:

  • EVR clothes are mainly natural fibres: This makes the body breathes and the materials doesn’t pollute the environment. Synthetic alternatives such as nylon and polyester, are made from petrochemicals that do not biodegrade, and their manufacture uses huge amounts of energy.
  • EVR uses upcycled denim; Denim is the fabric which provides the highest and dirtiest wastewater of all.
  • EVR hand-created prints are made by the silkscreen technique with water-based dyes, which aren’t toxic. Below you see the working process in Sergio’s studio Lalula in Barcelona.

Reading more about denim wastewater: The dirty secret behind jeans

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