New stores in Belgium!

Harvest Club and Les Rebelles d’Anvers partners in crime.

Let’s begin with Harvest Club.

Harvest Club creates a platform for traditional craftsmanship with new labels, innovative designers, and professionals with an eye for fair trade. Harvest Club deliberately chooses valuable pieces with transparency by origin. A clear labeling ( Fair Trade, Global Organic Textile Standard, Handmade, Recycled, Small scale production) contributes to a transparent and fair policy of the platform. The opening is this Friday 25th of March  2016.

The second store is Les Rebelles d’Anvers.

This is not a normal store. The concept that Les Rebelles d’Anvers has is the same as a library but with clothes. You can borrow the garments and have to get it back in 14 days. This way you can get access to an inexhaustible renewable dressing, with quality stylish and exclusive pieces for an affordable price. The opening is Friday the 22th of  April  2016.


How does it work at Les Rebelles d’Anvers:

  1. I connect
    You can choose a subscription or turn card. With a subscription, you will get unlimited access to our collections. With a turn card, you can borrow the clothes until your card runs out.
  2. I borrow
    If you (still) do not want to buy
    Try the clothing that you find too expensive to purchase and you would be surprised by the young designers and the sustainable labels. If you change your mind, you still can buy it anytime.
  3. I bring back
    If you are ready to bring it back.
    Between 14 days we expect you to bring the borrowed garments back to our shop. After a thorough inspection and dry cleaning, it comes back as new in the racks.
  4. I borrow again
    Again and again.

You can also reserve the clothes in advance so you don’t miss your favourites garments.

Links to the websites:
Les Rebelles d’ Anvers
Harvest Club