The EVR Maya Collection Launch Party

March 3th, 8pm at DE Studio (Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerp)

Maya collection launchparty | Eline Van Ree

We invite you to join us in the DE Studio as we celebrate the launch of the new Maya Collection. A collection inspired by the frivolous and beautiful Mexico during the twenties.

Drop by, have a look, fit and, above all, have a great time!

All the designs will be for sale at the EVR Maya Collection Launch Party.

Pure designs, beautiful fabrics and graphic prints are the trademarks of Belgian fashion designer Eline Van Ree.

Maya Collection, inspired by the frivolous and beautiful Mexico during the twenties, is characterized by a deep shade of orange. The ‘Sun Orange’ is in a strong contrast with the ‘Moonless Black’ in the collection. A subtle corn print completes the collection.

Maya Collection is made for modern multitasking women to make them feel beautiful, comfortable and harmonious in their lives.

A source of inspiration for the Maya Collection is the Italian-Mexican photographer, actress and activist Tina Modotti.
She lived in Mexico in the twenties, where she performed with the best artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.
Although she took beautiful photographs, Modotti sacrificed her passion for photography for her deep commitments to communism. She had a turbulent life with many lovers, but died soberly and alone.

These contrasting themes that were decisive for her life can be seen in the Maya Collection. On the one hand you have the frivolous, folklore Mexico, on the other hand the sober cuts from communism.

Eline Van Ree found her inspiration for the colors in this collection in the work of Luis Barragan. He was a progressive architect from Mexico and lived around the same time as Modotti.

All fabrics are produced in Europe (Spain, Italy and Austria).
The silkscreen prints are manually done in a studio in Barcelona.

Many thanks to DE Studio for this beautiful location.

DE Studio

Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4,
2000 Antwerp