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March 3th, 8pm at DE Studio (Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerp)

Maya collection launchparty | Eline Van Ree

We invite you to join us in the DE Studio as we celebrate the launch of the new Maya Collection. A collection inspired by the frivolous and beautiful Mexico during the twenties.

Drop by, have a look, fit and, above all, have a great time!

All the designs will be for sale at the EVR Maya Collection Launch Party.


In een opwelling naar Barcelona verhuizen, daar je dagen vullen met bartenden, naailessen geven en… je eigen label uit de grond schoppen? Het overkwam de Belgische Eline Van Ree, die met haar originele zeefdrukprints haar plaats in de modeschijnwerpers opeist.

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Discover the new collection: MAYA, THE REVOLUTION OF RIVERA for wholesale appointments contact: L23 showroom



During the night of the Belgian television awards 2016, Ella Leyers has been spotted in outfit from Eline van Ree. Ella was nominated in the category: the best Belgian actress of 2016.

Sisters score together:
Ella Leyers (27) drew a lot of attention to herself in this red-white creation from Eline van Ree. Her 18-year-old ‘soulsister’ Olga scored also points. Not only she won the award of Rising Star, she also shined in a sexy maxi dress with deep split from Moschino.

Ella Leyers

Ella also in Demorgen , Youtube  and Instagram


Harvest Club and Les Rebelles d’Anvers partners in crime.

Let’s begin with Harvest Club.

Harvest Club creates a platform for traditional craftsmanship with new labels, innovative designers, and professionals with an eye for fair trade. Harvest Club deliberately chooses valuable pieces with transparency by origin. A clear labeling ( Fair Trade, Global Organic Textile Standard, Handmade, Recycled, Small scale production) contributes to a transparent and fair policy of the platform. The opening is this Friday 25th of March  2016.

The second store is Les Rebelles d’Anvers.

This is not a normal store. The concept that Les Rebelles d’Anvers has is the same as a library but with clothes. You can borrow the garments and have to get it back in 14 days. This way you can get access to an inexhaustible renewable dressing, with quality stylish and exclusive pieces for an affordable price. The opening is Friday the 22th of  April  2016.



Our third pop-up store was held in Antwerp. This time it is a noteworthy collaboration with leather bag designer Sarah Deruwe. The organisation KOP gave us the opportunity to expose our products in this lovely 15th century building in the Grote Goddaard 36 in Antwerp. The location is very cosy and near the Wolstraat and Conscience plein. Moreover the Christmas period is the perfect time to pass by and discover the combination of our elegant womenswear and Sarah’s handmade leather bags & accessories. The bags and wallets matches very good with the clothes. It was very easy to combine the products together.