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EVR is not rushed by the rhythm of the seasons and that is why she mainly produces one collection per year. Eline van Ree wants to put a halt to overconsumption because unfortunately it is still dominating the fashion industry.

To promote slow fashion Eline van Ree works in a sustainable way. For example EVR prefers to use leftovers of the textile industry and all her prints are hand made by screen printing techniques with water based dyes.

Not only you can buy EVR’s designs but you can also loan it at different fashion libraries in European cities previous in Antwerp & Paris and soon in Copenhagen and Zürich.

Next Saturday (8th of October ) The Library in Denmark will open its doors.  EVR will be one of the 14 sustainable designers, next to Belgium and international designers like Hellen van Rees, DamurIlke Cop, Doriane van Overeem, Wintervacht and Ellen Kegels. But this place is more than a library, it is an information point about fair fashion. For all your questions concerning ethical and sustainable clothes you can go to pick info at the desk or subscribe yourself for a reading.

The Library




We will present our collection at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

July first at 10:00 am.

You are welcome to visit the show!
For invitations please contact:

Inviting BCN Fashion week

carrer l’Estadi 12-22, Barcelona.
Metro: plaza Espanya.

Hope to see you there!

During the night of the Belgian television awards 2016, Ella Leyers has been spotted in outfit from Eline van Ree. Ella was nominated in the category: the best Belgian actress of 2016.

Sisters score together:
Ella Leyers (27) drew a lot of attention to herself in this red-white creation from Eline van Ree. Her 18-year-old ‘soulsister’ Olga scored also points. Not only she won the award of Rising Star, she also shined in a sexy maxi dress with deep split from Moschino.

Ella Leyers

Ella also in Demorgen , Youtube  and Instagram